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When a woman takes her boyfriend to a restaurant, he is given a menu with prices.

    According to a woman, she went her boyfriend to an exclusive restaurant where he was given a menu with prices while she was not.

    On April 3, host and TikToker Abbie Chatfield shared a TikTok she took at a “bougie restaurant.” She claims that her boyfriend told her that the restaurant was “expensive,” and she inquired as to how he knew this.

    “He also got a menu with prices on it, but I didn’t,” Chatfield explains. “I’m the breadwinner,” she says.

    “Only males get a menu with prices?” Chatfield remarked in the video’s overlay text. PATRIARCHY.” Over 710,000 people have seen the TikTok video.

    Chatfield was handed a “women menu,” which is a menu that does not indicate the prices of dishes at a restaurant, according to Atlas Obscura. Such menus are not common in the United States, according to Atlas Obscura; Chatfield commented on the video, stating that the restaurant is in Venice, Italy.

    Chatfield revealed in the comments area of her TikTok that she and her partner swapped menus and that the waitstaff handed her the bill at the end of their meal.

    While a few commenters suggested that Chatfield’s partner should have paid for the supper, many more sympathized with her.

    “I’d be like an excuse,” she says. “I’m just wondering if I could have a menu with prices since I’m paying,” @fuxkedupbutcoping posted.

    “I once went to a restaurant that served steak and ‘women steak.’ @haypaige08 wrote, “The females was just a smaller cut.” “I went with the normal steak.”

    “At restaurants, the idea of what is ‘feminine’ and what isn’t is ludicrous! Even though it isn’t mine, they always give me the cocktail or a lesser dinner,” @danikaleead observed.