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There Have Been 129 Times When People Have Unintentionally Discovered A Real-Life Easter Egg

    There’s nothing quite like spotting an Easter egg in your favorite film or television show. Like The Office, a renowned sitcom known for its subtle references, references, and witty puns that are hidden in plain sight. Check out our earlier post for more great movie facts about which your eyes may have betrayed you.

    This time, however, we’re going a step farther and delving into an universe of many Easter eggs. The ones that aren’t made up, but are true events that occurred in real life. Welcome to the IRLEasterEggs community on Reddit, where individuals share the oddities they stumble across while going about their daily routines.

    “Do you ever find an unusual little secret in a game or a movie that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience who would look for it or come across it?” “This is the place to share those things you find in real life,” the group’s description says, and it’s immediately made me want to move closer to my seat.

    Scroll down for an interesting selection, and don’t forget to share any IRL Easter eggs you’ve lately discovered in the comments! More IRLEasterEggs goodies can be found in our prior posts, which can be found here and here.