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McDonald’s is being challenged by TikToker for allegedly withholding her W-2.

    For any adult, tax season is a stressful time. When you don’t have everything you need to file, it’s even more difficult. One TikToker was fed up with her former employer reportedly harassing her for not providing her with her W-2. When she went to the store and sought her tax paperwork, she filmed the encounter.

    The inventor can be seen in the video recording the inside of the McDonald’s where she supposedly used to work and begging the manager on duty to give her the W-2 she’s been requesting.

    “I worked as a crew member, making minimum money, training every new employee, and would have to operate the entire front of the store by myself,” reads the text on the video as everything is going on. Bagging food, making drinks, taking orders inside and at the drive-thru window, and preparing the fries, according to her.

    In the video, the manager tries to send her away, but the artist insists on getting her what she came for. She then says she tried phoning the number they gave her, but it was incorrect.

    This is her second video on the subject, and it has been viewed over 192,000 times. Her initial video didn’t generate as many views, but it inspired customers to phone the store in droves to show their support.

    She then used two more videos to record the rest of her interactions with the personnel.

    The video’s comments advised she contact HR or take them to court, but she explained in a storytime video about the matter that the store doesn’t do anything electronically (such as direct deposit), so she’s been going to the store and asking directly. She claimed she attempted to contact the IRS but “got nowhere.”

    The creator was contacted by The Daily Dot via a TikTok remark and McDonald’s corporate.