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Entitled Mom Denies Her Daughter Skipping Class And Then Goes On To Make A Fool Of Herself

    Subsequent Degree Denial

    Very angry woman
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    “I had one pupil who continuously skipped class. I sent an all-staff e-mail to see if the scholar could be accounted for in one other class, but I had no luck. No response. I write the referral and call the scholar’s mom to tell her of the circumstances of the referral. The mom proceeded to go full Hulk, insisting that her baby was within the classroom and that I didn’t see her. I clarify that attendance data is authorized paperwork and that her baby’s whereabouts couldn’t be confirmed elsewhere on campus.

    She proceeds to screech at me, insisting that I ought to ‘Open [my] eyes while taking attendance’ and that I don’t know the best way to do my job and that I need to be fired. I calmly clarify that she’s welcome to talk with the administration, then politely finish the dialog (learn: hold up) when she begins to spit expletives, saying I need to be fired and that she’s leaving her administrative center to “have a convention” with me. I warn the principal, then educate my subsequent classes.

    A few minutes later, my principal walks into the room and lets me know that she dealt with it. The guardian pounded her fists on the principal’s desk and demanded that protection be despatched to my room in order that I might be current for the convention. The principal wouldn’t permit her to speak to me, however, as an alternative known as “down the scholar.”

    The principal pulled up the safety digital camera footage and situated the scholar wandering the campus. The mom screeched that I didn’t do my job and that I needed to be fired. In the long run, the scholar admitted to the complete ordeal and was issued a suspension. After they returned, I couldn’t handle it. Every week or two, I let her stew in her personal stupidity for the rest of the year.

    The one person who apologized was the principal. “