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Customer is harassed by a waiter at a sushi restaurant. When he suspects he’s been undertipped, he regrets it almost immediately.

    Overhead japanese sushi food. Maki ands rolls with tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab and avocado. Top view of assorted sushi, all you can eat menu. Rainbow sushi roll, uramaki, hosomaki and nigiri.
    Image: Rido, Shutterstock

    “Right across the street from my school’s campus is this Japanese restaurant and sushi bar.

    I went there for lunch because they had these fancy lunches called Columbia Lunch Boxes, which I assume were named from the proximity to the school and the number of students who ordered them.

    I received my usual. After sales tax, the price came to $8.25.

    The check was the first thing the waiter had brought me in the entire time. It’s vital to highlight that I was seated at a two-person table in the corner because I was alone.

    So the waiter delivered the bill and placed it on my table before returning to his conversation with the sushi bar patrons.

    I decided to leave $12 as a gratuity, which was more than enough, and began to stand up.

    As he took up the check and counted the money, the waiter dashed over, blocking my path. Because the table was in a corner against one of the walls, there was only one way out, trapping me within.

    He was furious when I informed him I hadn’t left the tip. I told him I’d left plenty and would appreciate it if he could get out of the way.

    He refused to budge and threatened to call the cops unless I paid the necessary 15% gratuity.

    So I just smiled and pulled out my phone, telling him I’d gladly leave the 15% tip. I completed the arithmetic on my phone in front of him after confirming with him that it was 15% of the $8.97. It totaled $10.31.

    After that, I apologized for leaving a greater than 15% tip and told him I’d patiently wait for him to return with $1.69 in change.

    Oh, the uncontrollable rage on his face. It was invaluable!”