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Are You Heading To Red Lobster For A Call? Reconsider your position.

    Seafood lobster platter with ice on slate

    Image: chuckstock, Shutterstock

    “I once went to Red Lobster with my girlfriend.

    During the week, this establishment shuts at 11 p.m., however the door is locked at 10 p.m. A cop stands guard by the door to ensure that no one enters, but anyone can exit.

    I had forgotten about the early lockup time.

    So, at approximately 10:15 p.m., I got a crucial phone call, just as our supper arrived at the table. In the frigid New York winter, I got up from the table and carried it outside. As I was doing this, a large number of individuals were leaving.

    Because people were speaking with the cop and blocking the sign as I walked out, coatless and on my phone, I couldn’t see the sign that said ‘No re-entry past 10’.

    I went back in after finishing the call. Oh, no, I didn’t say that. The door was locked, and the cop informed me that I would not be able to re-enter. I informed him that I was stuffed and that his friends were obscuring the sign. He was a complete jerk.

    So I contacted my girlfriend, slipped my card through the opening in the door to pay for the dinner, and threatened to break up with her if she didn’t leave a tip. After learning what had transpired, the server was unwilling to try to bring me back inside. She told my girlfriend that I shouldn’t have answered the phone outside.

    That night, I called Red Lobster and wanted a refund, and of course, due to the poor service and the wrecked night, I demanded around $20 more than my bill.

    I received a handful of gift certificates in the mail about three weeks later. I’m never going back to the Red Lobster. They were spent at a MUCH superior Red Lobster, where our service was outstanding. “I gave a 20% tip.”