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After losing a Grammy to SZA, Lady Gaga shows grace and kindness by assisting her with her dress.

    Imagine putting in year after year of effort to make your ambitions a reality, with ups and downs, joy and tears, successes and disappointments; all of this culminating in a large-scale result admired by millions and a win of one of the most prestigious awards. That will remain a part of my imagination because I have talent the size of a crumbling biscuit, but for many at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, it became a reality. There are numerous moments to mention, many of which have been widely debated, and if you’d want to see our favorites, here’s a link.

    Whatever your feelings about this year’s victors, one thing is certain: humanity triumphs. 5 seconds of kindness are making headlines, and Lady Gaga and SZA’s exchange is definitely one to remember. Let’s get this party started (yuh)!

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    The road to success is not easy, especially when you’ve twisted your ankle and need to get upstairs while wearing crutches and a long, tight dress.

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    This year’s Grammy Awards were full of suspense, with each performer eagerly anticipating the outcome. It was time to find out who will win the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

    Doja Cat and SZA were nominated for “Kiss Me More,” Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco were nominated for “Lonely,” BTS was nominated for “Butter,” Coldplay was nominated for “Higher Power,” and Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were nominated for “I Get a Kick Out of You.” Doja Cat and SZA were the winners! Despite this, each had difficulty coming to the podium to accept their award.

    SZA took to the stage on crutches after falling out of bed and injured her ankle a few days prior. Her costume was a skintight mermaid-cut Jean Paul Gaultier gown with a lengthy tulle train, which, while stunning, made it difficult to move. SZA appeared to be laboring as she attempted to sprint to the stage.

    SZA was assisted by none other than Lady Gaga, who gently and without prompting bent down and carried the long tulle train while on her way to receive the Grammy.

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    Lady Gaga didn’t hesitate to reach for the long train, carry it, and delicately move it out of the way so that the performer could make it up the steps and onto the stage with ease. SZA subsequently told ET that she was trying her hardest to get to the stage so Doja wouldn’t miss out on her moment, not aware that Gaga was acting as her personal guardian angel.

    People praised Gaga for a very human gesture of devotion to another, with one calling it “a queen helping a queen.” Despite the fact that the award was not won, it set a beautiful example of grace and respect for people in the same business, who understood the hard work that goes into getting there, regardless of wins or defeats.

    SZA just had one aim in mind: to get on stage as fast as possible, oblivious to the fact Lady Gaga would be by her side the entire time.

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    The brief exchange was done, and the Grammy Awards resumed, but the event will be remembered warmly by those watching at home.

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    SZA was joined on stage by Doja Cat, who had her own journey getting on stage, for another hilarious and wonderful moment.

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    After then, there was another amusing and heartwarming scene. SZA was waiting on stage for Doja Cat, who appeared to be hurrying to the stage. “Girl, you went to the bathroom for 5 minutes, are you serious?” exclaimed SZA.

    Doja arrived just in time, but she was out of breath. “I have never taken such a fast p*** in my entire life,” she stated, looking out into the audience in a very honest Doja Cat style.

    While in the bathroom, she learned that she had won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and she dashed to the stage.

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    Despite their difficulties, the two women were ecstatic to receive the medal, with Doja crying at the conclusion.

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    Doja then went on to thank her family, team, and fans for all they had done, before turning to SZA and saying, “You are everything to me.” You’re fantastic. You’re the pinnacle of ability.” She then pleaded with SZA to say something while she regained her composure.

    SZA was only relieved that Doja returned on time, and it appeared that this was the point at which Doja recognized the significance of the victory. “I prefer to downplay s***,” she said, tearfully distraught. But what about this? This is a significant event.” You can’t help but fall in love with her.

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    Gaga was seen cheering on the women and expressing her emotions. It had been a significant evening for her as well.

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    Lady Gaga has previously attended the Grammy Awards. Her total number of statues increased to 13 after winning Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for ‘Love for Sale.’

    On the occasion, she also delivered a stunning medley and a heartbreaking homage to Tony Bennett, who had to retire last year owing to his long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. In the closing years of his career, he collaborated with Lady Gaga to make songs for new generations to appreciate. “I love you, Tony,” she said at the end of the performance. “We’re missing you.”

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    She gave a tribute to Tony Bennett, who retired from music last year, by performing a medley of songs from the album “Love for Sale.”

    Image credits: Liv Marks

    Image credits: Liv Marks

    She didn’t go home empty-handed at the Grammys. Gaga received her 13th prize, and she reflected on her first win, claiming it was still as emotional.

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    “I got my thirteenth Grammy last night, and I cried just like the first time I won for ‘Just Dance,'” Gaga wrote on Instagram, referring to her previous triumphs.

    “This accolade means a lot to Tony and me. I was ecstatic to be a part of such a lovely community of musicians, where so many talented artists were recognized. Congratulations on all of your achievements, performances, and dedication to music. Thank you for the standing ovation as well! You definitely raised my spirits on a night when I was missing my friend—he would have been overjoyed if everyone in 2022 stood up for Jazz! “I adore you!”

    She returned a few minutes later to clarify that her first Grammy wasn’t for Just Dance, but for Poker Face. Regardless, it meant everything to her.

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    Gaga has a habit of making headlines for her humanity and charity, such as when she assisted Liza Minnelli at the Oscars.

    Image credits: Naomi O’Leary

    This is expected to be one of many times this year when Gaga makes news for her generous and compassionate gestures, such as assisting Hollywood great Liza Minnelli in presenting the Oscar nominees for Best Picture.

    Liza appeared to be nervous, but Gaga took charge and managed to soothe her by saying to her, “I got you,” to which the legend replied, “I know, thank you.” You can learn more about the positive interaction by following this link.

    It’s understandable that she would be willing to assist a fellow singer, but it’s tough not to admire the respect and affection she has for her peers.

    People have flocked to Twitter to express their admiration for Gaga. What were your thoughts on this story? Please let us know in the comments section.

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