Are you a proud father? If and when you have your first child, you will understand. Especially if they excel at something and reach new heights at their skill level everyday.

So if you’re Lebron James, you probably just had the proudest moment of your life. Check out this video below to see what he almost jumped out of the stands about:

But in case you have a special type of Blindness in one eye or two where you have trouble detecting motion and/or don’t know how to press play to watch videos, here’s a breakdown, play by play of the most important things that happened:

Bronny James on a fast break winds up…

Goes up for the dunk…

Lebron is amazed and jumps up asking, “Yo, did y’all see what I think I thought I had just saw…?”

“Hell yeah! There go my boy…!”

A father couldn’t be happier

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