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The results are in folks. The 2018 NBA Draft picks are done. Needless to say, there’s more opinions out there about how it all went down than people who can shoot. Does your mom even hoop? Didn’t think so.

All in all, some teams came up big. Others, not so much. Here are the First Round Picks, all 30:

Deandre AytonArizona freshman

Ayton is the obvious pick. He’s big and strong and has the tools to become a dominant offensive big man. He has the athleticism to become a better defender than he showed in college. He will fit well next to Devin Booker. But he probably doesn’t have the most upside, and he’s not the safest bet, either. And he presents the question of whether you want to build around a big man in today’s NBA. Grade: B+

PF Marvin Bagley IIIDuke freshman

Bagley is an explosive athlete with an incredible motor. He was a hyper-productive college player, too. He’s got the same potential of 2014 No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins with more size and hustle. But the question is whether he can be a winning player, given his flaws on defense and unclear positional fit on that end. Grade: B-

TRADE: Dallas Mavericks made this pick after sending the No. 5 pick and a 2019 protected first-rounder to the Hawks

SG Luka Doncic, Slovenia

With a reported trade, the Mavericks get their man here. The decision to pony up a future first-rounder was big just to move up two spots, but Doncic has the combination of NBA readiness and upside to be a star. Grade: A-

PF Jaren Jackson Jr.Michigan State freshman

Jackson has huge upside, particularly on the defensive end. He also was not particularly productive in college, often disappearing because of foul trouble and not taking an engaged role in Michigan State’s offense. He could be the futuristic big man that NBA teams are looking for, and he can fit next to Marc Gasol or replace him long term. But will he be a star or an unrealized prospect? Grade: B-

TRADE: Atlanta Hawks made this pick after sending the No. 3 pick to the Mavericks for No. 5 and a 2019 protected first-rounder

PG Trae Young, Oklahoma freshman

This Hawks grade is for a player with a huge upside — arguably the best shooter and passer in this class — but also for a second pick with huge upside. Young gives Atlanta a potential star, but so does a pick that is protected only Nos. 1-5 in next year’s draft. That could be a top-10 pick easily and helps Atlanta’s rebuild under former Warriorsexecutive Travis Schlenk. Grade: A

Mohamed BambaTexas freshman

Bamba’s record-setting 7-foot-10 wingspan equals his obvious defensive potential. But it’s on the offensive end where he could make an impact that few are discussing. The brilliant, mature New York City native has perhaps the highest ceiling in this draft, and he showed it by retooling his shot in the three months after the season ended. Grade: A+

Wendell Carter Jr., Duke freshman

Carter is as solid and easy to fit into an NBA lineup as anyone still available at this point. His upside is low, compared to some home-run options, but he should be a stable NBA center for a long time. He’s very smart and fits well with Lauri MarkkanenGrade: B

PG Collin SextonAlabama freshman

Sexton is the middle ground for the Cavaliers. He could play with LeBron James, should the King return. He could be the playmaker for a post-LeBron future, too. Michael Porter Jr. would have been the higher upside pick, but this one shouldn’t offend anyone. Grade: B+

SF Kevin KnoxKentucky freshman

Knox is a fine prospect, but the big move was right there begging for the Knicks to take it. Michael Porter Jr. has so much more upside, and while Knox looks like a solid starter, this move definitely did not win over Knicks fans. Still, Knox can shoot and score and could play next to Kristaps PorzingisGrade: C+

TRADE: Phoenix Suns received this pick after it was made, sending No. 16 and a 2021 first-rounder via the Heat to the 76ers

SF Mikal BridgesVillanova junior

Bridges to the 76ers was perfect. So of course it got traded. The Suns traded away Zhaire Smith — a high-upside wing who could grow with the team — and a 2021 first-rounder (via the Heat) for one of the older players in the class. Bridges could help their defense, though. Grade: C-

TRADE: Los Angeles Clippers made this pick after trading No. 12 and two second-rounders to Hornets for No. 11

PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kentucky freshman

The trade changes the take on this pick: The Clippers gave the Hornets two second-rounders to move up one spot, giving the Hornets No. 12. The Clippers need a point guard, but Gilgeous-Alexander isn’t the highest-upside player available considering Michael Porter Jr. remains available. Grade: B-

TRADE: Charlotte Hornets made this pick after trading No. 11 to Clippers for No. 12 and two second-rounders

SF Miles Bridges, Michigan State sophomore

The Hornets get the guy they wanted, plus two second-rounders simply to move down one spot. But Bridges, a great athlete, lacks the upside of Michael Porter Jr. He’s a polished player, but is this another win-now pick from a franchise that might not be there yet? Grade: B-

SG Jerome RobinsonBoston College sophomore

This might be the first true surprise pick. Robinson has talent and could be a good scorer to pair with Gilgeous-Alexander. But he’s definitely lower upside than multiple players still available, and his less-than-elite athleticism brings up a defensive question mark. Also: How is Michael Porter Jr. still available?! Grade: D+

SF Michael Porter Jr., Missouri freshman

The health questions were real. A back injury is serious. But Porter had the talent to be a top-three pick, and the value here — to a team that needs help at forward — is too good to pass up. The worry? The Nuggets are offensively stacked already. How will they defend? Grade: A

SG Troy Brown Jr., Oregon freshman

The fit is weird. Can Brown, who can play both guard spots, ever join John Wall on the court? He’s not a good shooter yet, and he’ll be a longer-term project than some other players available, such as Khyri Thomas. But he’s also not as high-upside as Lonnie Walker IV. He’s a good player at the right value, but how will it work? Grade: C+

TRADE: Philadelphia 76ers made this pick, sending No. 10 to the Suns for No. 16 and a 2021 first-rounder via the Heat

SF Zhaire Smith, Texas Tech freshman

The Sixers had a perfect pick at No. 10 with Mikal Bridges, an NBA-ready 3-and-D player. Then they traded down to get one of the most raw players. Will Smith be a contributor any time soon, the way Bridges could have been? He’s got the potential to be an excellent player because of his absurd athleticism. But the Sixers should be thinking about next year, not 2021 (which is when they get the Suns’ pick). Grade: C+

SG Donte DiVincenzo, Villanova redshirt sophomore

“The Michael Jordan of Delaware” is ready to step in and be a shooter. And next to playmaking forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, he could play point guard or shooting guard. He’ll join Malcolm Brogdon in that role and has more offensive upside. He’s a playmaker with confidence who also can take a lot of roles. Grade: A-

SG Lonnie Walker IV, Miami freshman

Walker — whose hair is amazing — isn’t ready to be a contributor, but the Spurs are a patient — and very smart — organization. There may have been health concerns, but he has as much upside as anyone available. He’s a playmaking off-guard who could be good in a lot of roles because he can handle and shoot well. Grade: B+

SG Kevin HuerterMaryland sophomore

The Hawks may have exited this draft class with the two best shooters: Huerter and Trae Young. That alone merits a good grade. Will Huerter ever be more than a solid role player? Probably not. But he could add a lot to a team that has needed help on the wings for years. Grade: B+

SG Josh OkogieGeorgia Tech sophomore

Okogie was kind of hidden on a mediocre college team, but he wowed at the NBA Draft Combine. He has all the tools to be a standout role player or even more, and he probably is among the best upside picks left. We’re now wondering when Robert Williams will get picked, though. Grade: B+

SG Grayson Allen, Duke senior

Offense for a team that needs offense. Allen is a great athlete with a varied skill set. He’s a known commodity. He’s not an upside pick, but he might have some left even after four years at Duke. He could play with Donovan Mitchell — potentially a lot, if Mitchell slides to point guard long term. Grade: B+

SF Chandler HutchisonBoise State senior

This is a very Bulls pick. Hutchison isn’t a high-upside player, but the Bulls like the guys who can translate quickly. He joins Wendell Carter Jr. on a team that is going with the polished products. Grade: B

PG Aaron HolidayUCLA junior

He’s a scorer who can play on or off the ball. He’s a point guard who doesn’t make many mistakes. He’s lightning fast. He’s got two brothers who are solid NBA players. And the Pacers could use a point guard of the future. There’s no losing with this pick. Grade: A-

SG Anfernee Simons, IMG Academy

Athletic offensive player who has a whole lot of unknowns. How does this fit with the Blazers? Their immediate needs definitely aren’t for an offensive-minded guard. But this isn’t an immediate-needs pick. Simons has upside, at least. Grade: C

C Moe WagnerMichigan junior

Wagner has a lot of strengths. He’s a good offensive player who plays hard and can shoot as a stretch-center. He’s a creative scorer. But can he overcome his defensive disadvantages? Robert Williams has the defensive side covered, and he was the better pick here. He’s becoming a real steal now. Grade: C+

PG Landry ShametWichita State junior

They need a shooter because almost everyone on their roster who can shoot is a free agent. They get one of the draft’s best. Shamet is a classic on-or-off-ball point guard with size. He could be a backup plan if Markelle Fultz doesn’t ever find his fit, too. Grade: B

C Robert Williams, Texas A&M sophomore

The Celtics get the defensive-minded, elite-rebounding big man they needed. He’s a great athlete who can defend in a lot of styles. Could he be the American Clint Capela? The “steal of the draft” label could be his. Grade: A+

SG Jacob Evans, Cincinnati

The Warriors are getting a 3-and-D guy with a massive physique. He’ll end up outperforming this spot by osmosis. Evans has been an overachiever at every level. Grade: B+

SF Dzanan Musa, Bosnia

The Nets get a European shooter with some upside as a scorer. He’s rail-thin but could develop because he’s one of the younger players in this class. Grade: B

Omari Spellman, Villanova redshirt freshman

Spellman can shoot and block shots, filling the role of modern center nicely. The Hawks get another big-time 3-point shooter at a very different size from Trae Young and Kevin Huerter. He doesn’t fit with their current needs, but the turnover can happen quickly on a rebuilding roster. Grade: B-

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